Roosevelt Station



Members are expected to follow all Bravo Fleet rules, and violations of them will be reported to the fleet's Magistrate for further action. That covers our behavior rules, so this will focus on content.

Roosevelt will have adult content. Adult content does not mean explicit sex, or toilet humor. Adult content is generally not found on Pornhub or Family Guy.

Adult content, in this context, means that it will explore mature themes. Love and loss and betrayal, death and life and what might or might not lie beyond. Pain, trauma, corruption. It will explore these things in a nuanced way and demand nuanced thinking about them.

Also, in the grand tradition of Admiral Clancy, people will say "fuck" sometimes. Not all the time - the word does need to hold on to its power. But sometimes, there will be no better word for what is happening here than "fuck." If you join, I'm trusting you to hold that line on language.