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Captain Suzanne Garcia

Name Suzanne Miranda Garcia

Position Commanding Officer, USS Dreadnought

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Transgender Woman
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Light Brown


Spouse Admiral T'Vrell

Personality & Traits

Personal History Stationed as an Ensign aboard the USS Aldrin, Garcia was the only surviving member of the bridge crew after the ship's destruction. She led the other survivors as their commanding officer for several months before Starfleet was able to recover them and bring them back to Starfleet territory. After she recovered, she chose to stay on with Starfleet, and was hand-picked for the bridge crew of USS Dreadnought by then-Captain T'Vrell in 2383. She and T'Vrell became romantically entangled, eventually marrying in 2386. Garcia stayed aboard Dreadnought from then on, becoming T'Vrell's Flag Captain after her promotion to the Admiralty in 2399.
Service Record 2382-2383 - Ensign - USS Aldrin
2384-Present - Lieutenant through Captain - USS Dreadnought