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Lieutenant Kroz, Son of T’Rok

Name Kroz, Son of T’Rok

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Formal Name Kroz, Son of T’Rok, of He House Zarhn
Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 4”
Weight 260
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kroz stands tall, proud to be a Klingon. When he enters a room, there is no denying that he is there. He use to wear his combat armor, but has resigned and accepted the need to be in uniform with his unit. He wears his long black wavy hair in usual Klingon fashion. It is tied back when he goes into battle. He sports a medium length goatee. He has many scars of battle and has only 3 fingers on left hand due to an injury.


Spouse Konora, daughter of Makai
Children Sons - Klag, Larg
Father T'Rok son of L'Kor (deseased)
Mother Manda, daughter of Khidri, a fierce warrior in her own right. She claimed victory in several battles. Knowing her own strengths and weaknesses, she took a strong man to her bed until he would be killed in action.
Brother(s) Zorak , Drumek
Sister(s) Taivar

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kroz is a true warrior and dedicated to the Klingon Empire and the honor code. With his authorized transfer from the Klingon Empire to Starfleet, he has had to refocus his priorities. He does not believe this is compromising his oath to his House nor Empire. He believes in the Klingon precept, 'Only in battle is a Klingon truly Klingon' and 'Glory is received only through victory and conquest of one's enemy.' He is a firm believer that death in battle is the greatest glory. Yet, he would prefer and plans to let his enemy die first for their dismal glory.

Kroz has taken many roles; warrior, pilot, warrior, teacher, warrior, supplier to warriors, husband and father, warrior. Proud son of the great House of Zharn. Proud father of sons. After an injury, he was tasked with a supporting role and found no glory there. He chose to aid an ally. His Father, T'Rok, has not passed judgement on this decision, but will wait to see its results.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kroz was a great pilot and a fine warrior before loosing his fingers. He is still a strong warrior and fine pilot, but his left arm is somewhat weaker. He has a never surrender attitude.
Ambitions Seeks to claim Honor for his House, Zharn, which is on his home world on Kierchker VI, a planet near the Romulan Neutral Zone.
Hobbies & Interests As part of his therapy, Kroz was instructed to play different musical instruments, where he had to use his left fingers (3) to regain their flexibility. One instrument he liked was an acoustic string instrument called HurDagh that has 4 strings. When the warriors break out into song about battles and honor, he pulls out his Supghew, a small HurDagh, and provides some mellow background to the honor taking place in song.

During his Starfleet training he experienced and trained with many different hand to hand weapons. The fighting staff he found similar to the ba'tleth. He became very good and throwing knives, but found the throwing away of weapons to be . . silly. One throwing weapon he did find interesting, that of the 'throwing star', and became quite exacting with it.

Personal History Kroz, son of T'Rok, was born on Brestant into the Great House of Zharn. His father was a highly decorated Klingon Warrior. He attained the rank of Captain and assigned to training at the Klingon War Academy. He and his brothers were trained since the day they could walk in the art of hand to hand combat, battle tactics, and warfare. Even with the early training, the young Kroz was drawn more to remote weapons and piloting.

When he reached the age of accession Kroz was accepted to the Klingon War Academy. Competition among the warriors is always high. It is well known that many die during training. Kroz survived this, no doubt, due to his father's early training.

Kroz is a true warrior. He preformed his duty as an assault drop-ship pilot on many battle fields. On a planetary assault, his craft took fire, became damaged, and crashed. Pulling himself from the wreckage, he took up arms, as with his other warriors, and fought for the glory of the Empire.

During the battle he became injured, falling to his right knee. He raised a blade with his left hand to block the fatal blow. The blade came down onto his left fist splitting it in half, all the way to the elbow. The shock in the opponents face, was the moment Kroz needed to bring up a blade with his right directly into the heart of his opponent. He watched the life leave his opponent before he hit the ground.

The pain in Kroz' left arm was beyond mention. Though, he refused to sit there and bleed to death. He extracted the blade himself from his arm, then wrapped his forearm and hand as it bled.

He continued the battle, even when he could not raise his left arm. He was called to advance, to right flank taking the lead. Even with the left arm hanging limp, Kroz’s desire at that moment was to die an honorable death in battle against his enemy. During that flanking assult, Kroz received a pulse laser impact to his chest armor, knocking him to the ground. His Brethren rallied to his forward position, where they ended up outflanking the enemy and claiming victory.

The wounded were transported for treatment. Kroz lay bleeding, ready to leave this flesh for Sto-Vo-Kor. Kroz' executive officer, Cmdr. Krang, came to his side, knowing that Kroz would die and wanted to be there to honor his action in battle at his passing. Krang still saw the fire in Kroz' eyes. The Commander began to shake him and extole the great deeds of Kroz during battle. Krang commanded Kroz to fight this today, so that he could fight another. "Honor is not gained by those wanting relief. I call on you to fight for your life to teach others of your bravery."

Needless to say, Kroz survived the injuries. He regained use of his left arm, but lost the last two fingers on that hand. On cold nights a piercing pain can reach up from his fist, through his forearm, to his elbow. He was given the option of a prosthesis, but declined.

For his leadership Kroz received the Honor Star for Valor. Other awards received were 2 Honorable Service badges and 2 Battle Clusters.

During recovery and re-training Kroz spared with a woman. Kroz found Konora to be strong of body and spirit. After his recovery time and re-deployment he felt that he and Konora would be a good match. She too believed this and they took each other in marriage, or until the one was killed in battle. Kroz went off to duty on a cruiser, while Konora continued as a training officer.

Kroz now has 2 strong sons; Klag (4) and Larg (2). They live with Konora on Narendra III. Because of his injury, Kroz was believed to not have what it took to be a front line warrior and was given responsibilities of shuttle pilot and supply officer. Kroz had no desire to relegated to inferior positions. He knew he could achieve more and wanted to prove himself. He considered becoming a mercenary for a time, but found that many were not worthy nor trustworthy.

Kroz heard of other Klingons who had served within the United Federation of Planets, attending Starfleet Academy, etc. After several meetings about possible service within Starfleet, he applied and was accepted into an Officer's Exchange Program between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.

Kroz attended special training which lasted about 1 year. During this time he learned policy and procedures of the Federation. He was instructed and gained skill with new tactics and technology. He honed his skills as a warrior as part of a unit. A co-hesiver group of fellow warriors that trained together and learned to depend on each other.

During this time, Kroz' attitude changed about those Klingons that had kept him down and not allowed him to be a true warrior. He no longer held resentment nor anger toward them, but focused on his new role as a tactical officer. He now felt the honor of his team and their lives were his priority. He freely accepted the limitations placed on him by Starfleet and the Federation to work cohesively with the members of the assigned unit. At the end of his training Kroz was prepared to take a position aboard a ship and help protect and service the officers and crew of that ship.

Two personal items he was allowed to bring -
Supghew, a small HurDagh, which is an acoustic string instrument.
d'k tahg (or Daqtagh) a traditional Klingon warrior's knife. It consisted of a single, straight-edged primary blade and two curved secondary blades, which could be either fixed or hinged.
Service Record 2388- Enrolled in the Klingon War academy

2390- Graduated the Klingon War Academy
. Assigned to IKS Tret’Kor as transport pilot

2391- Promoted to Sogh Hom,
. Assigned to IKS Bak’ak as Assault drop-ship pilot

2392 - Severely injured in raid
{Awared HONOR STAR FOR VALOR for his leadership in ground assault on a Enemy weapons facility }

2392 - Assigned to Cargo pilot duties and cargo maintenance.

2392 - Accepted into Officer Exchange program

2394 - completed Officer Exchange program receiving the rank of Ensign in Starfleet with all the rights and privileges there in. Certification in Security/Tactical, also flight certification.

2394-2395 - Assigned to USS Apollo - Security Officer

2395-2397 - Assigned to USS Perenolde - Tactical Officer

2397-2399 - Assigned to USS Copernicus - Asst.Chief Tactical Officer

2399- . . . . . . - Assigned to Rosevelt Station - Tactical Officer