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Post 9 - A Trip to the Principal's Office

Posted on Thu Aug 13th, 2020 @ 2:04am by Commander Eden Starling-Enigma & Lieutenant Commander Michael Shinnick & Lieutenant Kroz, Son of T’Rok
Edited on on Thu Aug 13th, 2020 @ 3:24am

Mission: In the Shadow of Thanget
Location: Commander Enigma's Office
Timeline: July 15, 2399, 1530 Hours

Michael tried to massage the stiffness out of his right shoulder. The doctors aboard the Dreadnought had fixed the damage done by Kroz’s mek'leth, but it was still sore. That had to be one of the dumbest things he had done, but his father had taught him that sometimes one had to gamble for the greater good. Yes, Captain Edward Shinnick had engaged a Jem'Hadar squadron with a Miranda class vessel and he had dueled a fellow officer, but both had their risks. The Illinois could have been lost with all 35 hands while Michael could receive yet another mark on his record. But just as his father had gambled to protect the evacuation of an almost extinct race, the younger Shinnick had gambled to ensure the success of Commander Starling-Enigma’s mission. He just hoped his CO saw it as he did.

The lift door opened to the most alien command center he had seen in years. This was his first time around Breen technology and the engineer in him wanted to explore every console. But Michael had to stop thinking as a Warp Core Jockey and start thinking like the Executive Officer he now was. A major part of that would be to take responsibility for his actions. With that, he walked to the door that the architecture implied was the Commander’s office and pressed the chime.

"Come in, Commander." Eden's voice came through the speaker, and the door slid open. When Michael stepped through, Eden was seated behind the broad desk, still sifting through PADDs. "I'm honestly still getting used to sitting on this side of the desk... my first time here, it was Captain Jenner where I'm sitting and me where you are. At ease." She smiled. "We're still waiting for one more guest..." She looked up, in the direction of the turbolift through the stone. "And there he is."


The doors opened and a tall Klingon in gold Starfleet uniform stepped into the command center, commonly referred to as Ops. Lieutenant Kroz stood for a moment looking across an active room of command personnel monitoring the primary systems of the station. He noted that the typical Breen angular stylized consoles had not been replaced with Starfleet equipment. The hierarchical positioning of the room was obvious for the Breen military culture. He, of course, had seen similar positioning in some Klingon facilities and Romulan ships that had been captured. The one item most familiar was the large curved view screen on the other side of the wedge shaped room.

No one questioned his presence in the room and Kroz stepped across the rear of the room, behind the Command Chair, to a door he was informed to report and pressed the chime button.

The door slid open, bringing him into the office with the base's commander and XO. Eden offered him a nod. "Sit, both of you." Then she exhaled. "I picked you both for the jobs you have, and I still think that was the right choice. But I had a note from Dreadnought's medical staff about a set of injuries they had to treat." She held up a hand to forestall any protest or comment. "Training is good, and I've served in ground units. I know it gets rough sometimes, and people come away with bruises. But the two of you are senior officers now, and you're my staff. What you do, the crew - Starfleet and Lagashi - will pick up on and copy, and we do not have enough doctors on the station for mek'leth wounds to become our new normal. Go ahead and spar, but... safety systems on, next time. Believe me, I know how unsatisfying that can be, but that's the cost of command." She passed a PADD to each of them. "The Executor decided to throw us a wrinkle. When the LSN Zhuangzhi docks next week, they'll be leaving with sixteen of our Lagashi security personnel, and we won't get Starfleet replacements until Lakota arrives ten days later. We still need patrols, and our people still need rest, so the problem the Executor has decided to give me is now your problem." She then offered a smile. "How do you like our new home so far?"

Michael waited for the Commander to finish. " I take complete responsibility for what happened. I challenged the Lieutenant in an effort to establish respect and trust. I chose to not engage the safeties as I didn't want to offend his honor. These were my decisions and mine alone. It will not happen again."

At the Commander’s instruction, Kroz moved to a seat and sat beside Lt.Cdr. Shinnick, nodding respectfully to him and then listened to his new CO as she explained the current situation. Kroz knew that a dressing down the first time one meets their new Commanding Officer was not the best way to start a relationship, professional nor personal. Kroz felt that he and Shinnick had worked out their attitudes with each other. Now, Kroz had to focus on demonstrating his abilities to lead, while at the same time emulate the performance expected for his position and rank.

And now, Kroz listened to Lt.Cdr. Shinnink, practically fall on his ((sword)) before heir CO. This was almost too humbling. This almost made him feel inept. He Klingon blood in Kroz truly wanted to stand up and challenge the Commander once again. But, . . . difficult to do, he remained quiet. Once Shinnick finished his comment Kroz added, “Yes Sir. It will not happen again.”

With the disciplinary part of the meeting over, Michael directed his attention to the matter at hand. "While the Lieutenant is far more versed in security matters than I am, but could we temporarily reassign any officers with advanced combat or investigative training? We could potentially train personnel if needed as well. I know a week isn't much time, but we will be training peace officers and not soldiers."

As the Commander went over some ideas with the CO, Kroz considered his Starfleet training on selecting personnel for tasks. He knew that identifying personnel for a Security assignment called for specific mental and emotional abilities; confidence, patience, assertiveness, and the ability to follow orders as specified. Kroz spoke up, “I can begin reviewing current personnel with a designated search parameter to identify the best candidates for this task.”

"Very good," Eden said. "I'll leave that to the two of you, and expect updated duty rosters in two days and the security staff to be ready within a week." She folded her hands on the desk. "Any further questions?"

Kroz knew this was more than enough time for the task, yet looked toward Shinnick, waiting for his lead to the response.

"None, Commander. I will begin looking for a suitable training location immediately." Michael paused before adding. "Somewhere off of the beaten path so the locals don't feel like we are gearing up to declare martial law. We want people to feel safe not persecuted. We should make it clear to everyone that these are only temporary personnel."

"You could coordinate with the Arbiter's office for that," Eden suggested. "Having her blessing would go a long way."

Kroz grimaced slightly. He knew that getting more people involved in a situation could be beneficial, yet he also knew that more ideas from different directions sometimes derailed a project from the intended goal. For now, then would need to go with the recommendation and see how things went. This recruitement and training needed to be taken care of quickly.

"Then you should be about it," Eden said. "Dismissed."


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