Roosevelt Station


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Post 6 - Arrival and Reminiscence

Posted on Sat Jul 25th, 2020 @ 10:15am by Rear Admiral T'Vrell & Commander Eden Starling-Enigma
Edited on on Sat Jul 25th, 2020 @ 10:22am

Mission: In the Shadow of Thanget
Location: USS Dreadnought, The Roost
Timeline: January 15, 2399, 1310 Hours

Eden Enigma stood at the broad viewport of the forward lounge of the Dreadnought, watching the stars fly past. Three minutes, seventeen seconds. The last time I was here, Alexandria was my captain and Bill was on the station. Now the desk I stood on the wrong side of for the first dressing down of my career in space is going to be mine.

"You look like you have something gristly to chew on, Commander." The voice from behind Eden was amused, empathetic, composed, but it was the emotional profile against her empathic sense that told her who was there. The only person she'd ever met who felt anything like this was named T'Khosa, and was a Vulcan Restorationist - a member of a minority religion dedicated to reclaiming emotion in a healthy way. There were three Restorationists in all of Starfleet, and only one was aboard Dreadnought.

"Was it like this for you, Admiral, when you took your first command?"

Rear Admiral T'Vrell, Chief of Fourth Fleet Intelligence, stepped up alongside Eden. "My first command was the ship I was born aboard, Commander... the original Dreadnought. I was coming home... but yes. Given the enormity of my new duties, yes."

"How did you handle it?"

"I did the job," T'Vrell said. "I made sure to talk to my friends and trust my crew." She frowned. "I called Surval, who had taught me on Vulcan and was aboard Sovereign at the time, and asked him for advice."

Eden nodded slowly, closing her eyes. "I was there, on the bridge, the day..." The day he died. Like all the light went out of the world at once... "What did he tell you?"

"He said that I should be the best version of myself. That I had been chosen for my role because I was the one best suited to it, and the strengths and self I brought to Starfleet would be what made me a great captain." She looked to Eden. "He also said he had a promising young cadet aboard who would go on to great things if she could learn to pace herself."

"I'm still struggling with that," Eden said. "But I'm at least better..." One second Eden trailed off, eyes locked on the viewport.

The stars solidified into infinite speckles across the void, but most were hidden behind the bulk of Garek Epok. Eden's mind reeled off the base's statistics... more than six kilometers long on its longest axis and four on its smallest, the rogue asteroid rested in deep space almost exactly halfway between Helike, the capital of the Ninth Administrative District, and T'ien, the Lagashi world where Thanget had slaughtered millions in an instant during the Dominion War. It was oblong, marked with craters, many of which sparkled in their depths from the tekasite and duranium ores that made the asteroid so resilient. Across some of those craters, spires rose - the powerful sensors and communication systems that made Garen Epok such a valuable place for the Breen before the war, the Dominion during, and Starfleet after. And at its core, the sprawling, alien, impossible architecture of Roosevelt Station, where Eden had found peace during her own war and made memories that were the foundation of her life as an officer.

"I'm home," Eden said softly.

T'Vrell smiled. "You are. Welcome home, Commander. Your crew can be assembled at Transporter Room 1 at your convenience."

"Thank you, Admiral." Eden paused a moment. "If there's a way to do so without making things awkward..." She inhaled, shook her head. "There isn't."

"Out with it, Commander."

"Admiral..." Eden sighed. "I'm half Betazoid. I can't help but know things. And I was in a room with Captain Garcia and Lieutenant Knecht..." She lowered her eyes. "And a ready room door won't block me feeling what happened when the Lieutenant and I left."

T'Vrell regarded Eden for a long moment before speaking. "I will see to my wife's well-being," she said. "Thank you for your concern, and do not bring it up again."

It was, all in all, the kindest way anyone had ever informed Eden that she had stepped into an emotional space where she didn't belong, and she nodded. "I won't. I should gather my crew." At the nod from T'Vrell, she tapped her commbadge. "Enigma to Roosevelt senior staff. We are here. I'm heading down to the station now; I expect everyone there within the hour."


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