Roosevelt Station


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Post 8 - A House Tour

Posted on Sun Jul 26th, 2020 @ 2:45am by Lieutenant Clara Knecht
Edited on on Sun Jul 26th, 2020 @ 5:37am

Mission: In the Shadow of Thanget
Location: Roosevelt Station, Senior Officer Quarters
Timeline: January 15, 2399, 1400 Hours

Clara Knecht was feeling an indescribable kind of exhaustion. It had been a long few days, and she'd just left her home of four years and all of the friends she had made there behind in the last half hour. And what she really, desperately wanted, right then, was some tea.

She took a breath and collected herself for probably the tenth time today, then entered what were now her designated quarters.

Despite seeing the specifications of the quarters on paper, she was still pleasantly surprised by the size of them as she stepped. She took several seconds to just stand in the doorway and stare. And, she thought to herself as she leaned against the door frame, There's a whole bedroom behind that door, too. While she had seen bigger quarters and much fancier furnishings while doing maintenance on Dreadnought, the real novelty here was that this one belonged to her.

She stepped fully inside, letting the door slide shut behind her as she moved across the wooden floorboards that she had requested for the living room, toward the peculiar octagonal table, and more importantly, behind it, to the comfortable green rocking recliner in one corner. It was fit neatly within the space, with a long, rectangular wooden end table beside it, which held a reading lamp and, to her delight, an electric tea kettle. She practically skipped to the replicator on the wall once she spotted it, and tapped it.

"A half liter of water, Chai tea bags, sugarcubes, and whole milk." She took them once her order had appeared, and poured the water into the kettle, setting it to boil.

Clara knew, of course, that there was absolutely no reason not to just have the replicator make the tea for her, but there was something about the ritual of brewing it herself that was comforting to her.

She opened the cabinet beneath the kettle then removed a small teapot and a single teacup from the set tucked beneath. They really didn't miss any of the details in setting this up for me. I figured I'd have to make all this myself.

Within a couple minutes, she was pouring the water over a tea bag in the pot and placing the lid on top. Then she sat in her comfortable new chair. "Lovely. Just lovely." She stayed there for several long moments, eyes closed, then sighed and stood. "I'll be back for you-" She pointed to the teapot, "-in a few minutes. Then she headed over to check out her new bedroom.

Also furnished just how she had asked - a bed that was far, far too large for just herself. Two nightstands, one on either side, each with their own lamp. Down comforters, and an absolutely ludicrous number of pillows, far more than any reasonable person should be using on a single bed. "They got everything just right," she said to herself, then sighed happily before heading back out to her living room and pouring herself some tea, sitting down, and doing her best to relax.

When Clara woke up, an entire hour had passed, and she had no tea left. She was slightly disoriented in the way that waking up in a new room always felt, especially when the nap was an accident. "Well," she mumbled as she stood and rearranged her uniform back to its proper position. "I guess this counts as 'settled in.' I should probably report to the Commander."


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